Catch Again – ILL COWS (SET209)

Seta Label ushers in the summer season by welcoming Ill Cows to the label for their debut EP.

Seta Label ushers in the summer season by welcoming Ill Cows to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Hungary, Roland Eszterhay and Balázs Szatmári make up the Ill Cows production duo. Already familiar to Seta is Roland who recently appeared under his solo alias Rolhay, with his well received ‘Blue Function’ EP. Although on a hiatus over the last two years, the Ill Cows project lays claim to an impressive discography, highlighted by releases on Bonzai Records, Ready Mix Records and Submarine Vibes. Now re-emerging for a much anticipated EP, the duo lands on Seta Label with ‘Catch Again’.

Spread across three tracks it’s the timeless sensibilities of ‘No Confice’ which gets the proceedings underway. Backed by a framework of tight beats, organic drums and charged rhythms, comes mysterious vocal fragments and radiant themes. Poignant pianos coupled with funky bass stabs makes for a uniquely energetic yet tasteful storyboard. Exuding soul with each successive loop, it’s one to get locked into and will no doubt be a highly memorable selection for your dance floor. An enduring one of a kind gem from Ill Cows.
The journey continues with the deep, meditative vibes of ‘Merintaque’. Immediately captivating, it’s warm tones and rolling percussion play off a sultry low end, making for an irresistible, hip swinging groove. Undeniably late night, it’s hypnotic appeal grows subtly, as mallet-like clusters, luminous tones and ghostly vocals shift the narrative further into contemplative territory. Not without dramatic moments, the main break provides a gentle tension, underlying but palpable, before effortlessly transitioning into a classy drop which sparks a percussive finale.

The release concludes in fine fashion with the deeper, thoughtful qualities of ‘Koob’. Beginning with choppy percussion and gentle tones, the energy comes up as a hearty kick, meandering arps and waves of effects build in an amazing organic space. A squirrely lead line rises to prominence across an early yet expansive interlude, as warm bass swells create a wall of melody of colour for a reflective finale. Groovy and emotive in equal measure it rounds out what is an impassioned collection of music from Ill Cows, who make an exciting return and excellent Seta Label debut. Highly recommended.

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