BiG AL – Beautiful nightmare (SET227)

BiG AL a.k.a. BiGz is an icon of the deep house scene...

BiG AL a.k.a. BiGz is an icon of the deep house scene and who does not need to be introduced. So we are very excited to have his debut EP on Seta! No doubt that “Beautiful Nightmare” is a high quality music production from all aspects. The melodic and intricate bassline with some nu-disco influence calls immediately to dance and those warm pads, chords and vocals make pleasing warm feeling in our hearts and bodies. This all is rounded out with a professional mixing technique, which adds some fullness and clarity to the whole package. Our long-time (label) friend DJ M4SH a.k.a. Robert Mash Tomcik took the responsibility for remixing of the leading track and delivered a very nice and relaxing piece of work with a bit different mood and evolving bassline pattern.

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