We are is grateful

that you wish to submit your tracks to SETA LABEL for publishing.

We prefer demos through SoundCloud service.

If you are submitting a Final Mix please could you stick to these few basic rules:

  • Our Mastering Engineer needs -6db for headroom to push your tracks up to -0.02 db for professional digital duplication

  • Minimum resolution requirement is 16 bit – 44.100 Hz (WAV or AIFF format)

  • The mix must have NO LIMITER  and NO COMPRESSION applied to the final mix down bus

  • LOUDNESS is not considered professional practice as this is easy to achieve in the year 2000, but we would like to publish highly detailed and sonically superior tracks to all our customers. i.e. The DJs and music lovers that depend on Seta to publish profound Art.

Any files that are submitted to Seta Label without these few basic professional standards will not be considered for publishing as they fall below our very high quality control requirements.

Please take your time in creating the best possible mix down, our Premastering Engineer cannot and will not work on rushed work.

It is our aim to make your Art shine.

Thank you!

The Seta Label Team

Or ask Us about alternative way to upload your tracks

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